I was diagnosed December 2014 with breast cancer and required bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy. I was searching for information about how to minimize the chemo side affects. I was basically looking for natural treatments which will help me to cope with this harsh chemo treatments. My oncologist recommended CHEMmulti+, CHEmregen and CHEMginger from OR Supplements. This is a magical support for my body. The ginger pills helped me with bad nausea and the vitamins just helped me get back on my feet quickly,and I also think that the detox one day after chemo helped get rid of the toxins and gave me back my strength. I highly recommend this treatments to support your health.
- Batsheva Cornelison, Jun 2015.

I was having discomfort on my stomach, reflux and bad breath. After using CHEMginger for a couple of days I noticed great relief. Thank you!
- Rebeca, Florida, Oct 2013.

My name is Tunny Mizrachi. I was diagnosed with breast cancer six months ago. After my first chemotheraphy treatment I felt extremely nauseous and with low energy. A friend recommended Or Supplements and I ordered all three supplements: CHEMregen, CHEMmulti+ and CHEMginger. I began taking the supplements and within a month and my second chemo, I felt so much relief! No more nausea, no more vomiting! Chemotheraphy is not an easy process but with Or Supplements I really feel like I can cruise through my treatments. I am now in my fifth month of chemo and I feel better than my first week! Thank you Or Supplements for keeping my body nourished during these difficult times.
-Tunny Mizrachi, Nov 2013

I have Essential Thrombocythemia and on treatment with chemotherapy, I have had multiple side effects, including intractable nausea, severe change in bowel habits, lack of energy, and so on…I started the Or supplements and since then I am able to tolerate better the chemo including the fact the dose was increased.
-Esther Sprintis, Jan 2014

Due to strong treatments (chemotherapy and radiation) I needed to boost my immune system. After doing some research I tried Chemmulti + Vitamins and found in it a great source of vitamins. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who has undergone or is going through strong, debilitating treatments.
-Abraham, 2014

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Taste is back!

After trying other Miracle fruit products, OR Taste is the best. The metallic taste in my mouth is almost gone and I can enjoy food again. Worth trying it.
- ByAmazon Costumeron March 8, 2017

Miracle Fruit Works Great

Miracle Fruit works as advertised. I'm very happy with the product.
- By Amazon Customer on June 22, 2016

The tablets are awesome. They taste great

The tablets are awesome. They taste great. These are much better miracle fruit pills than other ones I've purchased elsewhere. The other pills seem like more of a novelty item; these are bigger and provide a more authentic miracle fruit experience. They melt in your mouth and make foods taste much sweeter, especially sour or bitter foods or drinks. These are the real deal.
- By Sue Duhonon June 1, 2016.

They really work!!!

Tried these Miracle Fruit tablets with some friends. We all thought they tasted good and melted easy. We first tried them with balsamic tomatoes and red wine. The tomatoes had more flavor and the wine was sweeter and had more flavor. The other fruits we tried all tasted much sweeter too. The effect lasted anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, so all in all, we thought they were great!
- By Jeanon May 31, 2016.

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