The CHEMregen dietary supplement is scientifically formulated to support and maintain healthy functions of the liver and immune system.*

CHEMginger is a dietary supplement designed to support the natural balance of the digestive system.*

CHEMmulti+ provides a supplement of essential vitamins and trace minerals necessary to maintain a healthy metabolic process and support optimal nutrition.*

CHEMmouth lozenge is a specially formulated lozenge combines the power of Slippery Elm, Bee Propolis and Xylitol to help maintain the natural balance in the oral mucosa providing relief to mouth discomfort.

New and Improved Formula

OR-Taste delivers the power of miraculin (found in the miracle berry) that when consumed before eating, may improve the taste of food.

What are OR Supplements?

OR Supplements has a scientifically formulated line of dietary supplements dedicated to supplementing the body with essential vitamins and minerals that may be depleted or in need during the course of health treatments (including chemotherapy and radiation). OR Supplements provide essential vitamins and minerals to assist the normal functions of the body. They are not intended to cure or treat any disease.

OR Supplements may be used as dietary supplements to support the body's natural ability to support itself during strenuous times. Make sure you consult with your doctor prior to adding any new supplements to your diet.

OR Supplements does not compete with or try to replace conventional medicine, nor do we make claims to cure cancer. The main objective of our supplements is to support and work together with standard therapies by offering symptom control from side effects during and after treatment. Our products have been developed based on supportive, but not conclusive, research.


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-Tunny Mizrachi, Nov 2013
I was having discomfort on my stomach, reflux and bad breath. After using CHEMginger for a couple of days I noticed great relief.
Thank you! .
-Tunny Mizrachi, Nov 2013
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